How does WeighDown All Access work?

Weigh Down All Access will provide you with the ability to take any of our popular Weigh Down classes… anytime, anywhere, on demand for a low monthly price. You can start one class one hour, then watch a video from another class an hour later. No more waiting. You also don’t have to wait to receive class materials because with All Access, you’ll be able to download workbooks directly from the site.

In the past, Weigh Down was known for offering seminars which were led by coordinators. But now, we’re offering a streaming service which includes every class that Weigh Down offers, plus much more… all of your favorite talks and videos anywhere you go. The content provided on Weigh Down All Access will also be regularly added to, keeping you, the participant, encouraged, convicted and inspired.

You may remember Weigh Down’s original Truthstream service, and that’s also not being done away with. In fact, it’s being incorporated into this All Access service, but you’ll have the added benefit of watching any class on demand, along with all that Truthstream offers, for no additional cost. Additionally, Weigh Down All Access includes more audios, workbook downloads, and ALL Truthcards with a simple click of a button. The price for all of this will be a low monthly payment of $24.99/month.

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