What are the system requirements to watch videos instantly on my Desktop, Laptop or Mobile Device?

Desktop and Laptop Devices

By default, all desktop and laptop computers will use Adobe Flash Player to view the video.  If you do not have a current version of Adobe Flash installed, you should be prompted to install the latest version. If you are not prompted to install the Adobe Flash and are unable to view the video, please try installing the free play manually by clicking HERE. If you continue to have trouble viewing the webcast, please e-mail us with the details of your trouble at info@weighdown.com (please include what device you are using and which web browser if you know) and we will reply as soon as possible with any help we can provide.

Mobile Devices

Our mobile streaming works for most newer iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch, iPad - version 9.0 and above) and Android devices (version 2.2 and above).  If you have one of the supported devices and are having trouble watching the webcasts, please feel free to send us feedback to info@weighdown.com.

Pauses in the webcast or drops of the video often happen when your connection speed changes or other processes are happening on your device.  Oftentimes, simply waiting 30-60 seconds will allow your mobile device to "sync" back up and adjust back to normal.   If waiting doesn't solve the issue, backing out of the webcast and coming back in will sometimes help get everything sync'd back up.

3G, 4G, and LTE connections should be sufficient for WeighDown All Access audio and 4G & LTE should work for video, but WiFi signals will most often produce the best results.