Can I instantly watch videos streamed from WeighDown All Access over the Internet to my desktop, laptop or mobile device?

Yes, All Access can be used on all Internet-accessible devices including PC, Mac, and all mobile devices and tablets*. Instantly listen or watch seminars, lectures, video series, music videos, sermons and more online streamed from WeighDown All Access - as often as you want, anytime you want.

You can also watch WeighDown All Access on your Apple or Android Device!

You can even more quickly connect to your WeighDown All Access 24/7 on your Apple and Android phone & tablet mobile devices* through our offical Weigh Down App (now Free!)!

  • Apple users can purchase the Weigh App from the iTunes App Store.
  • Android users can purchase the Weigh Down App from the Google Play Store.

  • Learn more about the Weigh Down App HERE

    * Devices must meet the minimum requirements for WeighDown All Access.