Exodus from Strongholds DVD Study

Have more than weight to lose or don't need to lose any weight but need help with other addictions like smoking, drugs, alcohol, anger, nagging, pain killers and depression?  This at home independent study has all you need to get started!! 
This kit includes 12 lessons on DVDs, CDs and a 190-page workbook. Bonus: Free PDF Download Included!

Get help with addictions in an at-home series.  Exodus from Strongholds at Home Series on DVD.  We invite you to join us in this unique approach to breaking free from addictions that now have control over you.  No matter what your personal stronghold, this approach can work for you!  Participants worldwide have applied these principals and report they are now free from the desire to overeat, as well as their addictions to smoking, alcohol, soap operas, overspending, pornography, anger, gossip, workaholism, control, seeking the praise of men, and countless other strongholds, unwanted habits and behaviors.  He alone has the answer and He will not sit by and let any man-made rules or therapies surpass His ability to provide true freedom and peace.  Just as God rescued the Israelites from slavery, He is ready to lead you out of Egypt, through the desert, and all the way to the promised land.

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  • Exodus From Strongholds DVD Set
  • Exodus From Strongholds CD Set
  • Exodus From Strongholds Workbook
  • Bonus Exodus From Strongholds PDF Workbook

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by Karen
from Michigan
Exodus From Strongholds
This is an awesome program! I enjoy going through the program at my own pace. Many times I take 2 weeks to do one week of class - but I am learning. delighted with the music on the DVD. Hoping I can still order a CD. The danger with a home program is leaving it on the shelf (like I did initially) and thinking "I'll get to this later". Thank God for exposing this lie. We do what we really want to do. Thank you for this program!
by Jodi
from Brentwood
Exodus from Strongholds
I love this life-changing series from Weigh Down. The filming done at the prison is extremely powerful. When you see those prison doors slam shut, or someone trapped in a prison cell, it is motivating. You learn to go to God to be set free from the prison cell you are in, caused by your strongholds. With the help of this teaching, I have lost 96 pounds and it has been gone for 7 ½ years now. This is a series for the whole family, and a must have for every household. You will find yourself returning to these truth filled videos time and time again for more reinforcement. These also make excellent Christmas gifts for your loved ones that are hurting and looking for a way out of their prison.
by Nancy
from Frackville
Exodus From Strongholds at Home
The Strongholds At Home Series is my favorite resource of the moment. This amazing program of DVD's, workbook and audios provide hope for EVERYONE regardless of the "issues" in their lives. This program helps you apply the principles taught in the Weigh Down Diet to ALL other strongholds. This series teaches you how to break free from things like control, anger, gossip, over-shopping, love of power, drug and alcohol addiction and much more. This program would be the perfect gift for anyone especially if weight is not their stronghold, it will lead them right to the heart of the Father!
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