Weigh Down Works!

This is the only weight loss book you will ever need

This 30th Anniversary edition expands on the basic principles of The Weigh Down Diet and includes more tips and many encouraging success stories. Weigh Down Works! is for anyone who suffers from issues related to food:  those wanting to lose any amount of weight 5, 10, 30, 100+, for dieters who have lost hope and given up on ever losing weight, for those just diagnosed with a health issue because of their overweight condition and for anyone hurting because of excess weight, out of control eating or an eating disorder.

Introducing Gwen Shamblin Lara’s latest book Weigh Down Works! Since the release of her national best-selling book The Weigh Down Diet, Gwen has experienced three decades of permanent weight loss by applying these principles herself. In addition, millions followed these principles and lost weight. 

What is different about this book? Gwen heard the cry of those who had done Weigh Down in the 1990s and 2000s, lost weight, and then fell away.  Many were now coming back to Weigh Down saying “This is the only thing that ever worked!”  Prompted by the hurting hearts of those returning to Weigh Down, Gwen decided it was time to expand upon the basic principles, add more tips, new success stories of those who have had their weight off for years, and get this Truth back out. 

With this book you can:

  • End diabetes due to overweight
  • Stop the yo-yo diet cycle forever
  • Reverse years of binge eating
  • Find motivation and self-control around food
  • Be set free from the desire to eat when your body is not calling for food
  • Lose the fear associated with holiday eating and social situations

“You will learn how to stop in the middle of a candy bar and have no desire for the second half.” Gwen Shamblin

Gwen’s mission was and will continue to be for you to know that you are not a failure and to give you the HOW TO of losing weight in a simple and inexpensive way. Diets only focus on what you can and can’t eat and they sell you food and products that cannot be maintained over time. You can end the deprivation that diets bring by eating regular foods within hunger and fullness.  Weigh Down has the proven answers on HOW to do this. 

BONUS:  You will save money following Weigh Down because you will be eating less food, regular food and experience fewer health issues.  Obesity is linked to over 60 chronic diseases. Yet obesity can be cured. Save yourself now from poor health, poverty, isolation, and depression.

Gwen Shamblin Lara and Weigh Down Ministries have helped millions of people lose weight doing it God’s way. Weigh Down is the pioneer of faith-based weight loss. We want to help you be successful when you turn to God for your hurting or anxious heart instead of food or any stronghold. Let us show you how to end the pain and slavery of overweight forever.

You have a whole new life of joy and peace ahead!

There is HOPE. Order today Weigh Down Works!


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by Kristine
from Glencoe
Life Changer!!!
I have lost 100 lbs and kept this weight off for over a decade. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this book and as usual the words penned by Gwen go straight to the heart!!! Every book that this ministry and Mrs Gwen Lara have ever put out have been another tool that I have used to shine a light onto my heart and mind so I can see where to change. What a gift from the heavens. I will forever be thankful for this ministry and this brilliant author/teacher.
by Rachael
from Greenfield, IN
No fear of gaining the weight back!!!
It’s TRUE! Weigh Down really does work! Six years ago a friend gave me the original Weigh Down book at a point in my life when I had so much fear. By putting the Weigh Down principles that are outlined in this book into practice, I lost 50 lbs! Since that time, I have had two pregnancies and easily lost the baby weight. I have no fear of gaining the weight back and I no longer fear the things I once did. I have been truly set free. Have NO fear: Weigh Down works, and it works for you too!!
by Misty
from Franklin
Amazing Healing in a Hurting World!
Weighdown has done so much in my life! I lost over 100lbs and have kept it off for 7 years. There is so much more than the lbs I have lost. I have gained a life focused on God with peace, love, joy and a life of fruit that only comes from what I have learned through this teaching and then putting it into practice.
by Janet
from Colorado
Janet Denver, Colorado
Weigh Down not only helped me lose 36lbs after having my first child, but set me free from the worry of “have to” excercise. I now have 4 children and have gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight each time without fear of gaining it back! I get to enjoy playing with my children! Now that kind of excercise is so full of joy!!
by Anthony
from Brentwood
WeighDown Does Work!!!
Through WeighDown I've lost 33 lbs and had it off for 8 years now. And that from a man who didn't think he had any weight to lose. With the simple concept of Hunger and Fullness (no greed for 'more'), I've also been able to lay down over drinking, lusting, and a host of other things that kept me in bondage. As a result, my marriage has been healed and just keeps getting better. I have amazing relationships with my children and other family. Best of all, I've got a personal, experiential relationship with God Almighty through His son Jesus Christ. In short, WeighDown Works. Try it. Just try it, and see if your life is not truly blessed.
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