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In Rise Above, Gwen Shamblin delivers more life-changing insight on overcoming overeating and how to replace a passion for food over to a passion for God with her powerful follow-up book to The Weigh Down Diet. In this book, filled with Scriptures, Truth, practical tips, and illustrations, you will learn very quickly how to Rise Above the desire to overeat and discover great willpower through a relationship with God! No matter what your age, no matter what your size, no matter what your means of control has been – whether dieting, exercising to keep the weight off, bulimia, anorexia, or even if you have just flat given up self-control -this book is for you.

This is a 340 page hardcover book  Filled with scriptures, Truth, practical tips and illustrations.  

Author Gwen Shamblin
Length 338 pages
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by Vicki
from Washington
Free from Addiction
This book saved my life as well!! It set me free from believing lies around addiction's and helped me see I was following wrong spirits! I was abstaining from certain foods when I first got a hold of this book in 2006. From this book my eyes were opened to 1 Timothy 4:1-5 and I will be forever grateful to enjoy ALL foods inside hunger & fullness.
by Buffie
from Franklin
This Book Saved Me From Me
I read "The Weigh Down Diet" in 2009, but didn't truly get it. I'd struggled with a food addiction my entire life and an eating disorder as a teenager. In 2012 I allowed three close relationships hurt me so badly that all I wanted to do was be alone. I was self-focused, angry, didn't care, wanted to leave, depressed and back into my eating disorder. My heart was completely hardened. Over time I heard God's voice - He deserved better and my husband and 3 kids deserved better. I prayed and all I could hear was Gwen's voice. I was led to dig through my closet to find all the Weigh Down materials I purchased 3 years prior. I pulled out this book "Rise Above". I quickly read it, and soon realized the problem wasn't THEM it was ME. I began following everything Gwen taught. My heart started to soften, relationships healed, my anger turned to joy and my fear to peace. I also lost 17 pounds I thought I could never lose. "Rise Above" completely changed my life and in turn my family's lives.
by Cindy
from Cape Coral
This book saved my life!
This book is the first book by Gwen Shamblin that God led me to, back in 2000. This was my introduction to the Weigh Down Workshop, and to the classes that taught me to replace my greed for food with a relationship with God! From this teaching, I've lost 130 pounds and kept it off for 10 years, all praise to God! I had been morbidly obese for most of my life, and this message, as described in this book, saved my life!
by Dana
from Brentwood
One of the Best books ever!!!
I cannot rave enough about this book!! I learned for the first time that greed of food would separate me from God! This book is powerfully packed with scriptures from the OT to the NT! I read this every morning for a quiet time. Rise Above taught me what it actually takes to have a real relationship with God. It taught me how much God loves me and how I need to love Him!! As a result my life and my relationship with God has changed! I praise God for this amazing book that helped set me free from the bondage of greed! Gwen Shamblin taught me how to rise above from the pull of greed that had destroyed my body, self esteem, marriage, and relationship with God. I am now FREE and 95lbs lighter!!
by Janene
from Plymouth
This is a five star Christian Book!
If you are looking for a deeper/closer relationship with God- this book will take you to the next level. Based on the fact that we spend too much time on things-food- The author helps you uncover the missing links in your life--she brings you to a new level of understanding of why we can not get filled up by food, ect. These basic principles were not taught to me. I enjoy opening up this book
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