• Pentecost 2020 Registration

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Pentecost 2020 Registration

All Visitors and Out of Town Members who are planning on attending Pentecost on June 13th in Brentwood, TN can use this link to register themselves and their families. This is very helpful as we plan seating, food and other logistical details.

For MEMBER lodging requests for this weekend, please go to www.remnantfellowship.org, log in as a member, and click on "ministries", "spiritual needs", "housing" and put your request in there.

Tentative Schedule of events:

Friday, June 12th - Baptisms time/location TBA
Sabbath, June 13th - 4:30pm
  Please bring your Palm Branches to wave during our Worship Time as a "wave offering" to the Lord!


Out of symbolism for Purity, Colors for this assembly and Celebration are White and Ecru.

We praise God for the opportunity to gather at this time and look forward to a Spirit-filled, blessed time of worship, testimony and teaching. If you are a visitor and have any questions, please email us at info@remnantfellowship.org or call the office 800-844-5208.


The PENTECOST focuses upon birth and re-birth. ALSO – The PENTECOST represents one of the three major Festivals that the LORD asks His people to observe each year...Festivals commemorated “as a lasting ordinances” throughout the generations.
During the PENTECOST, we remember GOD’S merciful proposal to the Hebrews during their time in the desert (following their exodus from Egypt) ...to establish a HOLY COVENANT with them in which HE would be their GOD and they would be HIS people...meaning that they would receive and OBEY HIS COMMANDS...given to them in stone at Mount Sinai.  ALSO during the Pentecost, we celebrate...

- The birth of the CHURCH following Jesus' ascension into Heaven in the First Century.

- The birth of this REMNANT at the turn of the century…here in our day and time…humbly following in the footsteps of those Apostles and early Christians.

- The BIRTH of many precious Remnant babies in the past year.

- RE-BIRTH and commitment through BAPTISM.

- Honor and CONFIRMATION of our young saints entering their ages of increased accountability (age 13).

- Honor of our EXPERIENCED saints…those with age and wisdom and perspective worthy of our highest respect.

YOUTH CONFIRMATIONS – We will have a time of RECOGNIZING and CHARGING for our Youth in the age 13 range (give or take a few months) who CLEARLY have demonstrated their commitment to the LORD who have not PREVIOUSLY been “confirmed” here in the Remnant.  This is a time of increased accountability and growth for these precious young people, and we want to recognize them and encourage them as they grow in their relationships with GOD…like Jesus, King David, Samuel, Daniel, and every godly Saint who sought the LORD at these young ages.  They are representing the LORD in so many ways at school, with their families, and in every situation in which GOD has placed them. 

BABY DEDICATIONS – If you've had a baby born since Pentecost 2018 OR you are a NEW MEMBER WHO JOINED AFTER PENTECOST 2018, you will have the opportunity to have your child(ren) (up to age 2) DEDICATED to the LORD if you have not previously done so! *Please be sure to also send in a Photo of your child to info@remnantfellowship.org! 

Additional Information and Videos...
* PENTECOST – A Remnant Fellowship Celebration of GOD’S Covenant
* Remnant Fellowship Church Pentecost 2013 Baptisms

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