Remnant Fellowship 2014 Calendar

The Remnant Fellowship Calendar for 2014-2015

This calendar covers April 1, 2014 through March 20, 2015 and includes beautiful photos!

Explanation of the Remnant Calendar:

God made the Earth and everything in it and He is the One who created the calendar. God clearly made a day 24 hours with the repetitive night and day. (Genesis 1:5) He then told man he was to work six days and then rest on the seventh day, thus creating a week. (Exodus 20) God then gave man the moon to mark the months and the seasons to mark the years. So by using the moon, the stars, and the seasons, man could produce a calendar for the years to come.

God made the vernal equinox, signs, times, and seasons mathematically and systematically easy to calculate, but man in his rebellion and with his ego chooses random dates, times, names, and it is clear that every time Satan can take the focus and credit away from God—robbing God of His rule and giving the focus and worship over to the sun, moon, and stars—he will.

There is nothing random about the calendar… anyone in any language can see the start of spring, with the budding of trees and the new babies born. Now, the earliest world leaders were in tune to God and strongly influenced by the Jews so that the moon became the basic unit for time reckoning. A quote from the Talmud says, “The moon was created for the counting of the days.” Yet the Jews were wise and saw that the moon’s rotation and the sun’s rotation do not match up, so the Jews used a combination of the lunar and corrected it for the solar with an additional 13th month every few years. This lunar/solar timing was copied and adopted by ancient Middle East, China, Babylon, and the Greeks. This lunar calendar has stayed intact to this day and we here at Remnant Fellowship still use this calendar, but we have changed the Hebrew month names into usable, meaningful English words in order to enhance the use of God’s ancient calendar.

For a brief explanation of PASSOVER & THE NEW REMNANT CALENDAR, watch this video “Passover: History & True Meaning."

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