Summer Day Camp 2019 - CAMPER Registration Form & Fee


Summer Day Camp is available for Remnant Fellowship Members from ages 6-18.
All campers and junior campers must pay the $70 registration fee, complete this form, and pay weekly fees. Registration Fee includes a Camp TShirt, Camp Workbook, daily snacks, and helps with maintenance costs! This fee must be paid by all campers whether attending 1 day or 20 days.  The deadline for camp registration is WEDNESDAY, May 1st! 

Weekly Fee Cost Breakdown
Per Week
$40 per child per week for the first child in a family.
$28 per child per week for the second child in a family.
$16 per child per week for the 3rd, 4th, 5th child

Family Costs  
One Camper: $70 Registration + $40/week or $200 for 5 weeks of camp
Two Campers: $140 Registration + $68/week, or $340 for 5 weeks of camp
Three Campers: $210 Registration + $84/week, or $420 for 5 weeks of camp
Four Campers: $280 Registration + $100/week, or $500 for 5 weeks of camp

After registering, CLICK HERE To Pay Your Weekly Fees  - All weekly fees must be paid in full by Thursday, July 12th. Contact for any concerns or questions.


Junior Counselors/High School Age

Several of our former Junior Counselors received generous college scholarships, in part, from the “Community Service and Leadership” of interning and volunteering at Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp! Many are returning as Counselors! Children ages 14+ will attend camp as Junior Counselors. These children will assist Counselors in their duties with the campers ages 6-13. All day camp policies, fees, etc. apply to these children as well, but they will serve in a more responsible manner as befitting their age.

Volunteer Counselor Policies, Procedures, and Code of Conduct 

As a Remnant Fellowship Volunteer Counselor at Summer Day Camp, I agree to:  

  1. Be alert to the health and safety of Day Camp participants at all times.  I will follow all safety guidelines and know emergency procedures.  I will be fully aware of all policies and procedures noted in the Day Camp Registration forms that parents have signed. 
  2. Be aware of any medical problems that might relate to my specific group of Day Camp participants.  Adult Counselors should communicate any needed information to the Junior Counselors assigned to their particular group.  (For example, an Adult Counselor should share information that “Mary” has asthma and may need to have her inhaler with her during play times, etc.) 
  3. Refer all medical problems and injuries to the Day Camp Organizers/Leaders. 
  4. Refer all disciplinary and/or continual behavioral problems to Day Camp Organizers/Leaders.  
  5. Maintain open communication with all parents regarding the activities, progress, behavior, etc. of their Day Camp children.  
  6. Uphold Godly and Christian examples to all Day Camp participants, parents, and other Volunteer staff.  I will demonstrate what it means to be wholeheartedly devoted to God, to be self-controlled, and I will offer loving and gentle instruction, correction, and praise…which is vital for the spiritual development of the young Day Campers.  This includes dressing appropriately for various occasions (example: having a cover-up/T-shirt for times in a swimsuit but I’m not swimming), being courteous, being clean, possessing good manners, practicing good sportsmanship, controlling my words (example: no gossiping, no crude joking), etc.  Because we have constant contact with many of the Day Camp participants even during times NOT at the Day Camp (Church, fellowship groups, visiting, etc.), I am expected to maintain this Godly example at all times.  
  7. Attend all Counselor information meetings that are a part of the planned Summer Day Camp program.  These meetings may be for information-gathering purposes at the beginning of the day, or they may be more formal, scheduled meetings. If I am not able to attend a meeting, I will let the Day Camp Organizers/Leaders know.   
  8. Observe my Volunteer Counselor hours.  I will be mindful of others who have to “step in” to cover my position if I am late or must leave early.  If an outside need requires me to change my regular Volunteer hours, I will let other Counselors know and arrange for someone to take my place if needed.  
  9. Fully acknowledge that I am offering my time and energy this Summer as a “Volunteer” Day Camp Counselor, Teen Counselor, assistant, or helper.  I will not receive monetary payment for my time spent in this role.  
  10. Teen (minor) Counselors are not to leave the assigned program area at any time without permission of the Adult Counselors.  
  11. All persons at the Day Camp, especially teens and young Adult Counselors, should be extremely mindful of appropriate behavior with the opposite sex.  Female Staff/Counselors/Campers are not allowed in locations reasonably deemed inappropriate for them, and Male Staff/Counselors/Campers are not allowed in locations reasonably deemed inappropriate for them.  All behavior at all times must be above reproach.  
  12. At no time will any Counselor (Adult or Junior) render any physical punishment or physical consequence upon a Day Camp participant.  Policies and procedures for handling behavior issues are covered in the Registration Form.  I will refer to a Day Camp Organizer or Leader if there is any uncertainty in this area.  
  13. Any Counselor or Volunteer Staff (Adult or Junior) member who has reasonable grounds to suspect one of the following is mandated to immediately report the suspicion and the information on which it is based to Day Camp Organizers and Leaders: any physical injury inflicted upon the child by a caregiver, any failure of caregivers to adequately provide for and protect the child, any pattern of neglect in caring for, providing for, or protecting the child, any sexual molestation or sexual exploitation of the child (or risk thereof), any medical treatment required by the child that the caregivers have not provided, any emotional harm that is evidenced by extreme and sudden withdrawal, anxiety, or depression, or any suspicion that the child may be apt to harm himself/herself or others.  Again, any reasonable suspicion of any of these must be immediately reported to the Day Camp Organizers and Leaders.  


  1. Anyone who is believed to have violated any portion of this Code of Conduct shall have full opportunity to explain his/her actions to Counselors and Church Leaders organizing the Day Camp.  This will insure that misunderstandings or misinterpretations are cleared up and do not result in future violations.  
  2. For Junior Counselors, behavior that is deemed disruptive to the general nature of the Day Camp or that provides a poor example to Day Camp participants will not be tolerated.  Incidents will be discussed with parents and other adult Counselors if needed. Should such behavior(s) continue, the Junior Counselor will be removed from Counselor duties, and if warranted, may be suspended or expelled from participating in the Day Camp for the remainder of the Summer.  

Authorization and Release Video and Audio Recording and Photography

I understand that the above-named child(ren) will participate in activities related to Summer Day Camp, and that some/all of these activities may be recorded via video, audio, or photography for future inclusion in any variety of materials produced by Remnant Fellowship or Weigh Down Ministries. I hereby grant Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Ministries the absolute and irrevocable right and permission to utilize my child(ren)’s appearance, testimony, voice, or any reproduction thereof in connection with produced materials in any and all manner and media. I agree that Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Ministries will own the copyright of any materials produced. I expressly release Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Ministries, as well as their owners, operators, agents, employees, licensees, and assigns from and against any and all claims – past, present, and future --- which my child may have for invasion of privacy, defamation, personal injury or other cause of action arising out of the production, distribution, and/or broadcast of materials produced by these agents.          

Medical Information and “In Loco Parentis” Release

I authorize the attending adults to make necessary decisions should an emergency medical situation arise that concerns the above-named child(ren) during Day Camp. I understand that prior to making any decisions regarding my child, every attempt will be made to reach me or another contact person. The adults present will only make decisions in my place – in loco parentis – if it is of utmost importance and emergency and I, or the other parent, guardian, or contact person for my child (listed elsewhere in this form), cannot be reached. I fully authorize that any medical treatment be given to my child as deemed necessary by medical personnel in the event of an emergency. Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, the property owners, the Shamblin family, and any other Summer Day Camp adult leaders, participants, counselors, or volunteers will not be held in any way liable for any injury or accident that occurs during any and all activities and travel related to Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp.      

Arrival and Departure Policies and Release 

I fully understand and accept these Day Camp Arrival/Departure Policies. Day Camp hours of operation are: Monday-Thursday from 9:00am until 4:00pm. Supervised play time for parents who need early and late drop offs are available from 7:30-9:00am and from 4:00-5:30pm.  Children may not be dropped off earlier than 7:30am, and they must be picked up no later than 5:30pm. Upon daily arrival, my child shall be signed in by his/her responsible party. 
My child(ren) shall not waver from his/her usual individual Arrival/Departure schedule unless a Camp Counselor is notified directly by parent or responsible adult ahead of time. Of course, in timely situations, this can be accomplished via a phone call to one of the Camp Counselors. When picking up a child earlier than usual, notify a Camp Counselor in person when you arrive to take the child from the premises and sign out.

During the time period from Arrival Sign-in to Departure Sign-out, my child(ren) (including teenagers)are not allowed to leave the location and grounds of any Day Camp activities (includes church grounds and field trip locations) without the full approval of parents and Camp Counselors.  

Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, the property owners, the Shamblin family, and any Summer Day Camp Counselors, participants, or volunteers will not be held in any way liable for any injury, accident, or hardship that may occur before, during, or after any Day Camp activity held on any Day Camp location (church grounds or other location).

Transportation Authorization and Release (*See More Details tab for more information)

I understand that Remnant Fellowship Day Camp activities will sometimes involve transporting the above-named child(ren) in a church van or personal vehicle. I further understand that it is my responsibility to provide a booster seat for my child if needed. See below for Tennessee Law regarding booster seats for ages 4 through 8. (Label any booster seat used for Day Camp activities with your last name.) I also understand that any field trip may expose my child to some risks and I assume any such risks that may arise there from. I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses for any injuries that might occer to my child by reason of his/her participation. By registering, I hereby release Remnant Fellowship Church, Summer Day Camp Volunteers, Church Leadership and other volunteers from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, complaints, suits or other forms of liability that any of them may sustain arising out of my child's failure to comply with local, state, and federal laws and policies, procedures, and the Code of Conduct; arising out of any damage or injury caused by my child, or arising out of a parent/guardian or other designated driver's operation of a motor vehicle in relation to this activity. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the released parties from the released claims, including any and all related costs, attorney fees, liabilities, settlements and/or judgments.

Tennessee’s Child Restraint Law

Public Law 299, Changes effective July 1, 2005

Section 1. TCA, Section 55-9-602, (a) (3) …any person transporting any child, four (4) through eight (8) years of age and measuring less than four feet, nine inches (4’9”) in height, in a passenger motor vehicle upon a road, street or highway of Tennessee is responsible for the protection of the child and properly using a belt-positioning booster seat system, meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards in the rear seat.

Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, the property owners, the Shamblin family, and any other Summer Day Camp Counselors, vehicle drivers, or vehicle owners will not be held in any way liable for any injury or accident that occurs during transportation related to Day Camp.

Physical Activity and Swimming

I understand that physical activities, indoor and outdoor, structured and unstructured, will comprise a large part of Summer Day Camp. These activities include (but are not limited to): swimming (supervised), sports and athletic activities, outdoor play, walking and hiking, etc. I understand that it is my responsibility to speak with adult counselors regarding any medical condition the above-named child(ren) has/have that might interfere with or prevent any of these activities. I will also list the conditions in the “Medical Information” section above. Remnant Fellowship, Weigh Down Ministries, the property owners, the Shamblin family, and any other Summer Day Camp Counselors, participants, counselors, or volunteers will not be held in any way liable for any injury or accident that occurs during any and all activities and travel related to Remnant Fellowship Summer Day Camp.

** Please use this chart to indicate the swimming ability level of each child:

Cannot Swim/Doesn’t Swim Well: Child cannot swim and should only be in the water while in direct contact with responsible swimmer. Parent must provide some type of labeled water-assistance item (arm-floaties, swim vest, etc.) for the child to use while in the water.

Pretty Good Swimmer: Child is a pretty good swimmer; has permission to swim and play in deeper water.

Excellent Swimmer and Older: Child is an excellent swimmer and is old enough and responsible enough to supervise younger swimmers or be a swimming buddy to those in the “Cannot Swim” category. Actual assignment of any supervisory duties will be at the full discretion of the Day Camp Counselors and shall be strictly adhered to.

Behavioral Information and Expectations

I understand that Remnant Fellowship Day Camp organizers expect each participant’s behavior and respect for Day Camp Counselors, Junior Counselors, and other adult volunteers to be at its usual high level. However, if a participant’s behavior falls below what is expected and communicated, any behavioral modification shall be limited to (and not exceed) exclusion from the current activity (a “time-out”), direct communication with parents, and/or potential suspension or expulsion from Summer Day Camp. Every effort will be made to discuss behavioral concerns directly with parents on an on-going basis. I understand that as a parent, I should approach adult counselors on a regular basis for updates on my child(ren)’s behavior. 

Summer Day Camp Schedule/Dates of Operation:
Kickoff! : June 2
1st Week: June 3-6
2nd Week: June 10-13
3rd Week: June 17-20
4th Week: June 24-27
5th Week: July 1-4 

CLICK HERE To Pay Your Weekly Fees  - All Fees must please be paid in full by Thursday, July 20th. Contact for any concerns or questions.



Please Select:  
Enter First Name of who is participating  
Enter Last Name of who is participating  
Select Person's Birthmonth  
Select Camper's Birthday  
Select Camper's Birthyear  
Age on first day of Camp  
Select Camper's gender
Select Child's swimming ability level (see further descriptions below):  
List any medical conditions that we need to be aware of (i.e allergies, bee stings, asthma)
List any medications your child will be taking while at camp (i.e. Inhaler,epipen, antibiotics, etc). Please make sure these are given to your child's counselor!
I HAVE READ AND AGREE to the following Policies detailed on the screen below:

Enter the Primary Contacts First & Last Name  
Phone Number INCLUDING AREA CODE (No Dashes, ex: 6157777777)  
Enter a 2nd Emergency Contact Name  
2nd Contact Phone Number INCLUDING AREA CODE (No Dashes, ex: 6157777777)
Out of Towners, please let us know if you have a host family(s) - enter Name and Contact Number for Emergency Use
Enter your Child’s primary physician
Enter your Insurance Company
Enter the Covered Individual (parent, etc.)
Enter your Insurance ID Number
Enter your Insurance Group Number
Note any additional information about your child that you would like Day Camp Counselors to know.
Check the week(s) attending

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