The Legend to The Treasure - PDF

Lay down that last 10 lbs, the last bit of anger, the last bit of self pity!  See the big picture.  The Legend to the Treasure book has changed all of our lives- brought us into deep conviction, introspection and freedom from overweight and strongholds. 

This book is a part of a series that also includes a Shipmate's Journal, Audio lessons and Video lessons filmed in Long Island and Destiny by the Sea in Florida - which was appropriately the source of most of the inspiration. 

In this book, you will be part of a search... we are certain you have many questions such as.... is there really a treasure, or is this a fantasy for this is need of a crutch or a fairytale?  What is The Treasure and where is the map to The Treasure - the legend, keys and clues?  The purpose of this book is to thoroughly examine all of these issues.  If you are willing, you are about to turn your wandering ship around and embark on a voyage that will take you to uncommon waters.  Finally, this book is full of contrasts- from fortune to disaster.  I have found there is no in-between.  To find this Treasure, you need to pull out every nautical tool that you can find, check the rigging, and hoist the sails.  To face a storm, you have to sail directly into the wind.  If you turn sideways, you will capsize.  Let us hoist the sails and pull out the oars and get started on this essential quest, and may our paths cross at this destiny by the sea.  Join us for The Legend to the Treasure by Gwen Shamblin.

Author Gwen Shamblin
Format ePUB
Length 327 pages

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