The Tablet

look insideAn updated version to the 1997 New York Times Best-Selling book, "The Weigh Down Diet," author Gwen Shamblin delves deeper into providing lasting answers to weight loss, addictions, destructive behaviors and all vices. The powerful and Biblically-based principles will lead the reader out of the pain and struggles of overweight, depression and addiction to a completely transformed life that is full of joy and peace. Filled with the basic principles of the Weigh Down approach, this book is for anyone new to Weigh Down, returning to Weigh Down or any participant wishing to "restart."   Take a look inside and be ready to be transformed and set free! 


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A Quote from the book...

“Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that he who reads it may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.” Habakkuk 2:2-3a

These protocols of liberation were first penned in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the form of The Weigh Down Workshop. By 1990 to 1991, the original WeighDown writings, audios, workbook, and seminar went from a local retail office to a worldwide seminar in 68 countries and into all religions and denominations. The world seemed ready for truth that set them free from their wrong life choices. The results were exhilarating and liberating to say the least, for they had been imprisoned for decades by a “no-responsibility” approach promoted by modern medicine and mainstream Christianity. The healing from WeighDown—turning to the Lord God Almighty for help—was phenomenal.

True Christianity, in its purest form, is where you are born again, take off the old self and put on the new self, and in the midst of a world full of total selfish chaos, you can have blessings, hope for your children, and great peace. The Tablet, simply put, is how to take off the old self and put on the new, impactful self to be like Christ. Beyond a doubt, this is an absolute possibility for your life and your family’s lives—a deep healing and liberation from unwanted habits, dependencies, lifestyle choices, and behaviors that have been destroying our lives and relationships. New Creations… ordinary people who transform overnight and start losing weight, laying down overdrinking, anger, depression, bizarre lusts, overspending, drugs of all types, etc. We have witnessed massive weight loss, recovered alcoholics, drug-free addicts, cured chronic fearbound and anxiety-ridden worriers… all reformed from every stronghold or idol known to mankind. These transformations are permanent and profound because they have been approached the right way… turning away from man-made rules and turning to the Great Physician—the Maker of our bodies, minds and souls."

Author Gwen Shamblin
ISBN 1-892729-22-9
Format Hardcover
Length 340 pages
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by Robin
on 10/4/2016
from Omaha
This book is so amazing!!! I can't believe that I have all of this information in one book!! It is so convicting!!!Love it!!!
by Dana
on 10/4/2016
from Brentwood
A life changing must read book!!!
The Tablet is a life changing must read book!!! I love this book and read it DAILY!! Believe me it is not a diet book. You learn how to have a true relationship with God! Gwen Shamblin shows you how to lay down idols and to fall deeper in love with God. As a result of what I've learned I have not only laid down greed, anti authority, faithlessness, self righteousness, and pride but I have also lost 95lbs!!!! All praise to God and what I have learned from this book!! I truly believed that my age, fibromylgia, and hypothyroidism would prevent me from ever losing weight. The tablet not only told me I could lose weight but told me how!! To do this didn't required any calorie counting, point counting, or exercise!! No matter your situation, health or otherwise, The Tablet has the answers to true joy from a relationship with God, and weight loss!! This life changing book will give you hope along with a new life!!!
by Jean
on 10/4/2016
from Grand Rapids
The Tablet
When I read this book I couldn't believe that I had been given the instruction manual on how to lay down idols. How to eradicate sin, all sin from my heart. How to go to God's word for all answers to living a godly life. This book showed me how to get out of the world and go to God for everything. It even showed me how to pray more effectively. How to be selfless and in tune to going to God for everything. This is a must read.
by Heather
on 10/4/2016
from Brentwood
Not what I expected
Every diet book that I have ever read has always told me the reason I was struggling was because of the food I wanted to eat was not healthy enough or that I wasn't exercising enough. The Tablet is completely different! For the first time ever, I was told that it's my greed for food that needs to change. And instead of a crazy diet and exercise schedule, it taught me how to go to God in the times that I was wanting to eat when I wasn't hungry and how to overcome the temptation and I lost 50lbs by applying the principles in this book and it's stayed off for years! No more yo-yoing! For me it stopped being about that weight and became about finding this relationship with God that I have always wanted but never knew quite how to get! I'm very glad I picked up this book!
by Damian
on 10/4/2016
from Brentwood
The Tablet amazing!!!
Amazing and so convicting!! Definitely will keep reading!!! 5 stars!!!
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