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Weigh Down Basics, the basics to PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS- a life-changing seminar!

Whether you have been in Weigh Down for 10 years or you are brand new- you need this class to lose your weight. This powerful intensive class is 6 weeks long. It focuses intensely on the repetition of the basics. It will keep your focus UP! Lay the foundation in your life to permanent weight loss! Get rid of mindless eating, diet rules, harsh treatment of the body!! This class will get any beginner started and anyone who has been in classes for a while to break free!! You have nothing to lose but weight! 
Watch thisWeigh Down Basics preview video....
Step One: 
Choose how you want to take this class
*On-Demand - You have 8 weeks to access the 6 video lessons as often as you want! You have unlimited replay access within that 8 week time period. No "have to" class times.  You will also be assigned am accountability partner who has lost all their weight and can help to answer your questions and encourage you along the class.  Each video is approximately 1 hour and you can start the first lesson immediately upon checkout. Your workbook and audios will be shipped to you (unless you choose digital downloads) as soon as you place your order. The on-demand class is great for those who want to get started right now (today!).  (Please give 1-5 working days for your coordinator to be assigned). 

*OnDemand w/ Facebook Group Chat- Similar to Ondemand (above) but with the added encouragement of participating in the weekly Sunday chats on Weigh Down's Facebook Group page. Start dates/times are based on the Facebook Group schedule; however you still have unlimited replay access to the class videos while the class is active. You have assigned coordinators leading that chats each week; for additional accountability, you can request that by email to or by calling our office at 1-800-844-5208. 
*Select a Specific Weekly Class Meeting Time - Take your class online or locally in a group setting.  Enjoy fellowship before and after your class with share time and group accountabilitiy via a live chatroom or local meeting in a home.  Your class will meet at a specific day/time every week (i.e. Monday 7pm Central will meet every Monday at 7pm Central for all 6 lessons). Each weekly meeting will last approximately 1 - 1.5 hours for video lessons, prayer and live interaction with your class coordinator and classmates. Online coordinators, who has lost all his/her excess weight and kept it off for several years, will be there to help answer your questions and encourage you on this journey! You will also receive a student guide and set of 6 audios to help you apply each week's lesson. Just as in our "Ondemand" option, you will have access to replay videolessons at any time throughout the course of the class.
* PreOrdered Class (Online Access Activated Later) - Select this option if you want to order your materials now but do not want the online video access to start automatically at checkout. You will need to notify the Weigh Down office either via phone at 1-800-844-5208 or email to within 6 months of ordering to activate your online video access. Once activated, you will have 8 weeks to access the 6 videolessons. The 30day Return policy applies to order date (not activation date).
Step Two:   
Choose your STUDENT GUIDE OPTION (choose one when ordering):

• Softback Student Guide  (Physical book shipped to you)
• PDF or E-book Download - Select format of PDF (used with Adobe Reader and most newer mobile/tablet devices), Mobipocket (typically used on the Kindle), or EPUB (universal eBook format). This is a download option, no shipping involved; CLICK HERE for more information on eBooks. Because Weigh Down Ministries does not allow for the printing or reproduction of eBooks, please make sure if you select this "read only" option that you have an additional journal to write your answers and fill out the pages.  This study guide is a huge help in keeping your focus while in this class!

Step Three:
Choose your AUDIO OPTION (choose one when ordering):

• CDs = 6 Audio CDs that can play on any CD player
• MP3 Download with all 6 class audios (requires no shipping) 


• A high-speed Internet connection is required.
• Class videos can be viewed on both Windows PC and Mac computers via Microsoft Silverlight (free download for this software is available) as well as on all Internet-accessible Mobile Devices (a WiFi connection is recommended for the best viewing experience) and through the Weigh Down APP for Apple or Android devices.
• We know that financial times are difficult right now for everyone. Remember that participants who take Weigh Down classes report that this class actually saves them money on:  grocery/food bill, medication, antacids, extra shopping, cigarettes, alcohol and the benefits from losing excess weight can save you thousands of dollars in the years to come on doctor bills.  What better "stock" to invest in than your own health and relationship with God - it will keep giving back to you triple what you put into it.  Stay in prayer and ask God to make a way! Payment Plans are available, you can call 1-800-844-5208 to make payment arrangements and no one is ever turned away on the basis of money.
• Discounts available to participants repeating course, CLICK HERE for that option.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: TRUTHSTREAM - our most powerful focus tool to date!!  We recommend you sign up for Truthstream, a specialized monthly subscription program, during the duration of your class. Truthstream will be A HUGE FACTOR in helping you keep your focus OFF the food and will give you access to all of the "extra homework" mentioned in your workbook. Use it the days you are not in class, for homework or anytime you are struggling. Remember – it is the Truth that sets you free. You are going to have to break free from the lies that have kept you overweight for so long. Go for it!!  Make this a lifestyle….  Change your behavior…. Change your mind… Get the Truth… Focus upwards!! This is the answer – you will find renewed hope and lose your weight forever!!   


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