WeighDown All Access


Unlimited Streaming to ALL of the following:

EVERY WeighDown Class (Videos, Audios, and downloadable workbooks)                                                                                    
Weigh Down Classes included:

Online Class Chatrooms & Group meetings

All Access Library: Audio & Video Lessons on weight loss, parenting, marriage, finances, overcoming anger, depression, anxiety and content for teens and kids!

Music & Talk Radio Stations 


Weigh Down has The Answer To Permanent Weight Loss - over 30+ years of unprecedented results! You can do this too! START LOSING WEIGHT NOW!!


  • Available to stream from any Internet-accessible device including desktops, laptops, tablets, & mobile devices!
  • Adobe Flash Player is required for viewing on Desktop/Laptop. For a free download, CLICK HERE.
  • Android and Apple Users: Download our App from your App Store and access Weigh Down All Access on the go!
  • PayPal is currently not a payment option. 
  • The cost for WeighDown All Access is only $24.99 a month. If you have more than 4 members in your household who are actively using one account, we suggest you purchase a second account.  This is a monthly recurring charge and you can easily cancel anytime by logging onto your Account or contacting our office at info@weighdown.com or 1-800-844-5208 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Central Time). There are no cancellation fees. However, there are no refunds for partial month(s).
Payment of $24.99 charged monthly until cancelled
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by Laura
on 6/22/2017
from Madison
I am amazed at what all is available on all access!!! This is such a great deal, and such a great blessing to me. I have used it on my iPhone, my iPad, and my Dell desktop. Talk about availability!!!
by Courtney
on 6/15/2017
from Wyoming
Life Changing Truth All the Time
God has blessed me and my family through non stop streaming TRUTH- in my house, in the car, at work, in the park. It is extremely easy to use on the app for my phone or on my desktop computer. The music is heavenly and my daughter loves dancing and praising God with all her friends on the Zion kids series! I love that there are timeless messages of truth as well as newly added content all the time! All Access is priceless!!! Weigh Down has completely changed my life!
by Bonnie
on 6/14/2017
from Brentwood
Food for Life!
I live off of All Access! I'd starve spiritually without it. Sounds drastic but this information has drastically changed my outlook, attitude, and bottom line, my life. So thankful for life abundantly at my finger tips.
by Ethan
on 6/14/2017
from Brentwood
I am so beyond grateful for WD All Access!! Even if we just had access to the WD classes and nothing else, it would be more than enough truth to overcome every stronghold and any sin and get a closer relationship with our Loving Father! But we DO have MUCH more than that. God has given Mrs Gwen practical sermons on being a better child towards parents, better worker, better student, how to be free of lusts of any kind, greed for food, etc! Not to mention the built in "How To Stop" tools (which are great for those testing times!!), direct link to daily WD Chronicles, radio stations and replays, Spirit/Flesh calendars, etc. God has gifted us with amazing technology to stay plugged in no matter the location or situation and I am SO grateful for the change that has come in my life as a result of putting into practice the materials God has given us through WD. Highly recommend for anyone trying to lose weight or have a better relationship with God!
by Lauren
on 3/10/2017
from Arrington
THE BEST resource on the planet!
All Access gets me through the day in so many ways! I can't believe that we can access God's wisdom literally with the click of a button! SO AMAZING!
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