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History of the One True God is a six-week in-depth study of the great love shown by God for all created beings and the appreciation due Him in return. This study gives a beautiful and clear account of Genesis Chapters One through Eight and how these events effect us to this very day. Hear the history of Lucifer's fall from Heaven, the creation of the world, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah from the perspective of the great love the Creator has always had for mankind and the great appreciation that is due Him in return. A moving study which will strengthen your relationship with God more than ever before.
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On-Demand - You have 8 weeks from the order date to access all 6 videolessons as often as you need/want. You will also be assigned a encourager assigned who has lost all his/her weight to connect with by e-mail & phone to answer your questions and encourage you (please allow 1-5 business days for your personal coordinator to be assigned). The on-demand class is great for those who want to get started right now.
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by Nancy
from Denver
Heart Change: Appreciation and Connection to God
The History of The One True God class is amazing for increasing my appreciation of all that God has done and All that He is. Never before have I understood the history of the beginning of time and the battle of the ages that still goes on like I do after studying these lessons. I understand more and more the magnitude of staying connected to The God each moment of each day, and have much more fear of any disconnected times; I can see that God is the Only Source for Life! So grateful for the chance to take this class, and for everything WD and Gwen Shamblin does to help everyone get their hands on these lessons!!!
by Kristina
from Little Rock
Surprising Changes After This Gem of a Class
The focus on this class is not weight loss--but still very consistent with the message in other WD classes. One of the key lessons revolves around the event in the Garden of Eden. The story of the Garden of Eden is so simple and yet little is understood about the powerful impact in our present day lives of this one event: Eve's eating the fruit of the tree God told her not to touch. My walk with God has now become an all-day/every-day event--not just a few minutes each morning. How I respond to adversity--which happens daily--is completely different now. I approach others with much more compassion and understanding--and am much more aware of my "projection". The key for me on this class was doing the homework. The workbook is awesome and the perfect guide for this 6 week journey.
by Jean
from Indianapolis
Grit your teeth and GO FOR IT!
Let the Revival begin!!! This class is essential and foundational truth. It will transform and revolutionize your thinking and help you understand the Battle of the Ages in ways that will give you true power to change! This is better religion, True Religion because it it different! It's religion from God's perspective, and because God's Sovereignty and THE TRUTH is established you will understand why & how this world and truth has been turned upside down. You will learn satin's war strategy and how his lies are 100% opposite of God's. This is a "fight to win" manuel for finding the faith to be truly born again.
by Kristine
from Glencoe
This class will forever free you !!!
I love every product that Weigh Down Ministries produces but this class is probably my favorite. The fruit that this class bore in my life is immeasurable. A heart full of appreciation for what I have - not wondering what I don't have. Eyes that are so much more in tune to the battle we are in every day and tools for how to get through them with joy. I am so much quicker to take personal responsibility and am so thankful to know what to do with the thoughts that make me feel like a victim in this life. I can not recommend this class enough if you think you project at all, if you think you might be self focused at all, if you think you could be more appreciative of the life and everything God has given you - you will be thanking God every day that you are in this class, that is a promise !!!
by Jenni
from Franklin
History of the One True God class
I am so excited to have this material in my hands!! These lessons are the basic sermons that a Christian must understand to maneuver through this span of time called life. My children are going to be the humble beneficiaries of these lessons and I plan to share this seminar with anyone that is desiring a deeper relationship with God!!
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